Do you know about Twilight?

To all you people who DOSEN'T know about Twilight,but really want to see found the correct website!So,Twilight is the most famous book serious.It was made in 2003.The author of all the books is Stephanie Meyer.(YYYYYYYEEEEEAAAAAAHHH!!)I read all her books and I am only ten!All of them are fantastic.In a couple of min. you will see the pic. of the author and all about her! I hope you enjoy this website very much!

Stephanie Meyer!

Ok,I just told you that Stephanie is the creator of ALL the Twilight books.They were made in 2003 and the books became very popular.Stephanie:"When I was sleeping one night and the next day I was already on Breaking Dawn.The 2nd night of making my books and already made my last book.It was very cool."New Moon is the brand new movie and it is coming out in Nov. 20 2009,Eclipse is coming out in June 30 2010.I have no clue when Breaking Dawn is coming out...

Bella Swan A.K.A. Kristen Stewart

Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) just moved from Phoniex,Arizona to Forks.She is living with her dad(Charlie Swan) the cheif of Forks.She is going to school at Forks High School Spatans.She makes alot of friends,but in the movie she dosen't know what the Cullens are...I HATE YOU BELLA SWAN! YOUR STEALING EDWARD CULLEN AWAY FROM ME! By the way she is pregnat.............. STUPID BELLA!

Edward Cullen A.K.A. Robert Pattinson

Edward Cullen is a strange kid at Forks High.But nobody knows he is a vampire!He dosen't kill people(Not anymore) he only hunts for animals.When the Cullens hunt for animals they call themselves as vegetarians.(LOL)He is a hot kid in the movie but he thinks he is a monster!Do you think he is georgous or a monster?He is a really nice person on the movie.This is one of is famous pic.  In Breaking Dawn Edward is having a baby girl!!! Of course out of Bella!!! Edward is sooo exited about having a baby but very nervous! He has to turn Bella into a vampire because she is dieing while she is having Renesmee( the baby girl!)To tell you the truth I am jelous of Renesmee because she has the most hottest vampire dad in vampire history!I wish Edward was my vampire dad!( stepdad) Renesmee is half vampire and half human,she can eat human food and blood.She can read people's minds' like Edward can!She is sooooooo cute!

What do you think of Edward Cullen?