All you Twilight fans,this is going to be some shocking news to you!Big celebrity(Robert PAttinson A.K.A. Edward Cullen) saying he dosen't like kids AT ALL!!! I am a kid! It broke my heart! I am only 10! Here are some videos of Rob sating he dosen't like kids AND another video saying The Real Reason Why Rob Dosen't Like Kids! Enjoy:)

OMG! I just figured out (while I was reading Breaking Dawn) Bella and Edward was having a baby.Her name was Renesmee.She is half human and half vampire.Bella was dieing while she was having her baby.Edward or Carlisle had to turn her into a vampire.BELLA IS A VAMPIRE!Rensemee can read people's minds' like Edward can.She can put her hand by people's heads and see what is going on.To tell you the truth Renesmee has the hottest vampire dad in the whole intire world!I am soooo jelous right now.Well, I am reading the Twilight books (again) I am on New Moon right now.My mom is on Breaking Dawn...BREAKING DAWN IS GOING TO BE SOOOO GOOD!BUT I HAVE TO WAIT 2 YEARS TO SEE IT!